Here are a few examples of transmogrifiers in a variety of scenarios.

Scenario: Using transmogrifiers to straighten or compare length

An example of using transmogrifiers to compare the length of rivers (modelled after the Hanging Rivers infographic recently mentioned by Tufte in Envisioning Information).

map       hangingrivers2R


Straightening a path to create a route map.

map-patha patha

Scenario: Transmogrifiers for detail + context

A simple focus+context style lens created by drawing a triangle.

focus_source_smaller focus_result

A transmogrifier used to create a Melange style lens.

melangefullscreen  portal10


Scenario: Swapping visualizations between polar and rectilinear coordinates

Transmogrifying a rose pie chart to a bar chart and then back to a rose pie (with the gray entries removed).



Transmogrifying a standard parallel coordinates vis into a circular representation



Transmogrifying a sunburst tree (left) to an icicle plot (right).



Transmogrifying a radial tree to a cladogram

clad2radial_source clad2radial_result